The Glory of Christ for All Peoples

We believe that the Lord has been unraveling a plan of redemption for people every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages from Genesis to Revelation for the glory of the Lamb! Here at FCC we have our sights set on Jesus, his mandate, and his glory. Therefore, we are a biblical community of people seeking wholehearted alignment to Christ and his Kingdom.

Our earnest prayer is that the Spirit of God would use the Word of God to make the people of God beacons of Christ's light and love, both here in Washington, PA and throughout the uttermost parts of the world.

Join us on Mondays this fall as we embark on the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement discipleship course, uncovering God's eternal purposes from cover to cover in the Bible, exploring God's work among all nations of the world today, and discovering our unique opportunties to align with Christ and his Kingdom in both Washington, PA and those places still dark to to the light of Christ.

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