The Glory of Christ for All Peoples

We believe that the Lord has been unraveling a plan of redemption for people of every nation from all tribes and peoples and languages from Genesis to Revelation for the glory of the Lamb! Here at FCC we have our sights set on Jesus, his mandate, and his glory. Therefore, we are a biblical community of people seeking wholehearted alignment to Christ and his Kingdom.

Our earnest prayer is that the Spirit of God would mobilize our whole congregation to engage in completing the Great Commission among unreached and unengaged people groups both here in Southwestern PA and among those places still dark to the light of Christ.

We partner with Pittsburgh Region International Student Ministry (PRISM) to see this vision become a reality. 

We believe that "the history of missions is the history of answered prayer," as Samuel Zwemer stated. Below are a few resources to help us focus our prayers:

The Joshua Project: info on unreached people groups
Prayercast: prayer videos
Operation World: book & app for unreached people groups
Stratus: data-centric tool