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The Photos from Unveiled are in! Check them out at this link.
Students, the official playlist is here! Available on Spotify, Apple Music, & Youtube Music.

Unveiled is a weekend retreat for students in 6th-12th grades (18 year olds and under). Join us as we spend the weekend in the truths of Scripture and the joy of community.

Unveiled is an opportunity for students to grow together and in the Word.

Students want their lives to matter; they want to feel wanted; and they want to know their purpose. But, today, they are frequently told (at school, in movies/tv shows, online, etc.) to make a difference and change the world! 

But our kids see right through it: when everyone is significant, no one is significant.
Each of us is only 1 in 8,000,000,000. Deep down, each of us knows that we are insignificant. But there was One. There is One. There will always be One who is significant. And because of Him, each of us can finally live in the joy of true significance.

Leave Friendship Community Church ~5:30p on Friday, February 16.
Return to Friendship Community Church ~2:00p on Sunday, February 18.

Camp Cornerstone
381 Willis Rd
Jefferson, PA 15344

$20 deposit due January 31.

Three forms are required:
1) Parents complete The Unveiled Registration (Register below),
2) Parents complete (if not yet completed) The Annual FCC Permission/Medical Consent Form, &
3) Students must abide by and sign the Unveiled Responsibility Form.

$67 total per student. You can pay with card upon registering.
For those with concerns on cost, please speak with Benjo as there are some jobs/activities for students to earn their way.

Contact Benjamin Marasco at 724.884.3127 or

In youth ministry at FCC, our purpose is to

1) Ignite a passion for the Glory of God,
2) Instill knowledge of His Word, &
3) Inspire obedience to His Will.